EMOLO FEEL, SL specializes in the design and manufacture of costume jewelery and accessories. The pieces, 100% handcrafted in Spain, use the highest quality materials for their production. Among its components we find brass and zamak findings, as well as agates, pearls and other natural stones; leather, cotton and silk complete the creations.

The materials used for production come from national suppliers, capable of endorsing and supporting the quality parameters under which the firm is committed to working. Bathed in 18-carat gold and in strict compliance with current legislation, all pieces are free of toxic materials and components that may pose any risk to the health of its customers.

Given the special characteristics of the products marketed by EMOLO FEEL, SL, at www.emolo.es , there are slight differences between each item purchased, fundamentally due to the uniqueness and exclusivity of each and every one of the materials and stones used in its confection that is, in addition, to a great extent, handmade. Therefore, no two products are exactly the same and, in any case, it is inevitable that the product delivered to the customer differs slightly from the one shown in the photographs included in the purchase process (even if it had been the same). In no case, these differences will imply the delivery of products with poorer quality materials than those expressly mentioned in the definition of each item.

Likewise, the client is informed and is aware that the size of the photographs contained in www.emolo.es does not correspond exactly to the actual size of the products offered by EMOLO FEEL, SL Therefore, the client is informed and is expressly consents to these circumstances and differences, without them being a cause for termination of the Contract.

In any case, without prejudice to what is established at the beginning of the section, the EMOLO FEEL, SL products acquired by the client through the acquisition procedure established in the PURCHASE CONDITIONS have the legal guarantee of consumer goods, that is, your agreement with your description on the website and with these particular conditions.

EMOLO FEEL, SL is responsible for any lack of conformity that becomes apparent within a period of six months. The consumer must inform us through the email orders@emolo.es , of the lack of conformity within fifteen days, from when he became aware of it. Failure to comply with said period will not imply the loss of the right to the corresponding sanitation, the client being responsible, however, for the damages or losses actually caused by the delay in communication. In any case, the guarantee regarding those damages caused by improper use is excluded, as well as in general all those excluded by current European Union legislation.