Our materials

In ÉMOLO we cover the entire creation process, from the creative part to the manufacture of each of our pieces. We design from scratch each of jewels by drawing freehand sketches full of personality and strength.

Quality materials are key to the creation of our jewelry. Therefore, each material used receives the importance it deserves and is selected through rigorous quality control.

The fittings are totally exclusive and manufactured entirely in Spain. Sterling silver, Zamak, brass and aluminum among others.

Our stones

Gems: Gems are the element that have accompanied Émolo since its inception. Gems are minerals that come from nature, and are linked to the power to balance body energy. In order to select quality gems and loaded with meaning, Émolo immerses himself fully in the search for gems of different shapes, colors and origin. Specifically, we have a large portfolio of gems imported from Brazil, characterized by the quality and variety of the gems offered.

Labradorite: Labradorite is considered the most powerful stone in the field of minerals. Loaded with mystical and protective meaning, it is characterized by diverting negative aura energies and insecurities. Émolo works on the design of jewelry with labradorite for the beauty of its blue, green, white or gray colors, and reflections of great intensity. Creating spectacular and unique pieces.

Quartz: Characterized this mineral for its hardness and resistance, it has been considered throughout the ages as one of the largest energy stones on Earth, with great protective power. Émolo intends to offer maximum well-being to those who wear it. That is why we work with different types of quartz depending on their properties.

Pearl: The mother of pearl is commonly known as mother of pearl, for its iridescent and pearly luster. It is a mineral extracted from the shell of mollusks. It is for this reason that it is considered an organic gem. The mother of pearl has energy properties related to the healing power of the sea. It is linked to the improvement of communication skills, encouraging the ability to express themselves and their ability to make you feel calm and serene.

Amethyst: The amethyst is one of the most beautiful variations of quartz, due to the vividness of its violet or lilac hue. It is because of its color, that this mineral is associated with elegance and exclusivity, so it is not uncommon to find amethyst jewelry among royalty. Its energy property is characterized by representing peace and serenity.

Citrine: Citrine crystals are named after the French “citron” due to their characteristic lemon yellow gold color. Although it includes other shades orange and even red. The use of citrine in jewelry is quite old, and although it is common to see it in jewelry, it is necessary to be careful in its maintenance, because they lose brilliance if they are exposed to a lot of light. This mineral was used in ancient times to drive away negativity, although it is currently associated with prosperity and success.

Our spinning

The yarns used in each of our pieces give ÉMOLO a special touch that makes them unique. We offer an exclusive product, with its own personality and capable of adapting to any type of woman.

Japanese silks, leather and waxed cords of the highest quality are personally selected by the designer for each of her collections.

Our terminations

The endings of each of our pieces offer us the possibility of infinite combinations. Being able to mix different pieces or collections with each other with the total certainty that the result will be simply perfect.

In ÉMOLO we highlight the VERSATILITY of each of our designs. Versatility makes each of our collections the perfect complement for any moment and look.

Our versatility

One of ÉMOLO’s hallmarks is the versatility offered by our designs. This makes each of our pieces easily recognizable jewelry by having a very particular stamp.

From our beginnings we always bet on two basic pillars that define us: MULTIPOSITION and VERSATILITY. A bracelet can be used as a necklace or a long necklace can be used as a neck-tight choker.

The fusion of both characteristics gave rise to what we know today as DUÉ. The wonderful possibility of having a bracelet and a necklace in the same piece are very representative of the firm. Very flattering and easily combinable pieces make them the perfect complement whatever style you define.

Care of your pieces

Always avoid possible direct contact with water, any chemical or perfume.

The pH of our skin can have a harmful effect on our jewelry. Sweat, for example, can damage jewelry and even cause unsightly stains depending on the materials that compose it.

In the event that happens you can contact us and we will answer your questions.

In ÉMOLO we recommend that you do not use chemical cleaners because they could gradually deteriorate the jewel bath. It is advisable to avoid contact with water, as far as possible. If it is necessary to clean it thoroughly, we recommend using a soft cotton cloth with warm water or neutral soap.

Keep your jewelry as the first day by introducing them in a jeweler or soft cloth bag like the one included in our packaging.