Made in Spain

ÉMOLO is a Spanish firm specializing in the design and handmade manufacture of jewelry and costume jewelery. Each of the pieces that make up our collections are the result of a deep love for creation. We love what we do and the result is 100% unique jewelry.

From the selection of the materials to the final result, it aims to capture the essence of ÉMOLO. Our own way of making art.

Each of our collections have a small great story behind it that makes them unique and different from each other. We try to convey in each of them a feeling that remains in who wears them.

In nature we find countless precious materials. That is why, in each of our collections, semi-precious and natural stones (agates, quartz, citrine, amazonite, amethyst …) have a great prominence. In addition to brass and zamak pieces with gold plating, pearls, Murano glass, Czech and faceted rock. Leather, cotton and silk are some of the materials used in the finishing of our pieces.

Our hallmarks are the versatility and use of color, fundamental pillars in all our collections. We believe that the accessories must be adapted to the needs of those who wear them. Therefore, many of ÉMOLO’s pieces are capable of being transformed depending on the moment.
We put a lot of love, dedication and effort into creating unique pieces so that you feel represented with them.