Our history

“When you are passionate about something, you know no limits and take time from where there is none to meet all your responsibilities. One of them is to fulfill your dreams. ”

Fuensanta Lorenzo, Émolo founder

As if it were an invisible thread that unites two unknown people, Fuensanta, the creator, seemed destined to find in jewelry and jewelry a treasure with which to make each woman feel unique.

I am Fuensanta, Murcia and alma mater of Émolo. And this is our story.

I go back to 2014, I started designing by hobby for a nearby circle that eventually got bigger. The creation of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings became a daily exercise of distraction. But this was not my business area, I was actually in banking and my future was in this sector. However, it was a job where I could not develop my creativity. That’s why I took refuge daily in the jewels, they were my therapy.

I didn’t need much time to realize that jewelry and jewelry was what I really loved. Always counting on the support of my family, my fundamental pillar, I made the decision to turn this passion into my profession. I left behind my comfort area to devote myself fully to a project that was destined to exist. Only one name was missing, and with the initials of my two daughters I gave life to what we now know as Émolo.

Now Émolo is a 100% handmade jewelry and jewelry firm made in Spain, born in my hometown, Murcia. The key factor of Émolo is found in the wide range of colors and in the versatility of each piece, which makes the difference.

I could not fail to mention our production team that, with their effort and dedication, have made it possible for Émolo to be present in more than 200 points of sale and inaugurated 27 corners in El Corte Inglés centers throughout Spain.

May natural beauty be what defines us. Welcome to Émolo.


For Émolo, the family is not just a relationship, but a bond that is built through sharing moments, feelings and values. Therefore, you, who wear a piece of Émolo and identify with our freshness and elegance, we consider you family.
Thank you for being part of this community. Thanks for being EMOLOVER.

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Émolo’s philosophy is defined as the sincere expression of what you feel in each moment.
It is very important for us that the elements that make up each piece are selected with great care and attention. For each piece must be a form of expression, the purest manifestation of symbolism and meaning.

With this idea, the firm’s designs are put at the service of the emotions of those who wear them. Combined in a thousand and one ways so that they can be reinterpreted each time in a different way.

Émolo has a hallmark of distinction and distinction. One of the most outstanding hallmarks and present in many of his designs, is that the pieces are multiposition or dué, offering a wide range of possibilities when placing and showing off. A long pendant can become a neck-tight choker, or a necklace become a bracelet. This is Émolo, maximum expression through versatility and color. You decide what you want to convey, Émolo adapts to you.